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Looking for a relaxation massage or sports massage therapy package? Whether at Ste-Adèle or even at your home, Nathalie is your massage therapist of choice!


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A passion for Nathalie

Nathalie is a truly sincer et profound person. Beyond words, this is reflected through her hands. Massage therapy is for her, a passion. Already 20 years have passed since she had learned her first technique, with courses and training in massage therapy, followed by professional experiences at Château Montebello, Spa Ofuro and Scandinave Spa of Mont-Tremblant.

"I chose to stay in this field because I love human beings. I like being able to make them comfortable, to give them advice, to improve the quality of their lives, and to make them live an unforgettable experience. This is the goal that I set myself and therefor want to achieve for each client. It is also my personal pride! Her ultimate goal? To make miracles!"

Treatments and massages offered

Swedish Massage

$85.00/1h - $120.00/1h30

Offered in general relaxation, or as therapeutic massage (when we have to massage specific regions or tensions). If needed, some deep tissue massage may be included.

  • check Reinforces the immune system
  • check Helps you sleep better
  • check Improves concentration
  • check Lowers blood pressure level
  • check Enables blood and lymphatic circulation
  • check Relaxes muscle tissues
  • check Reduces stress

Hot Stone Massage

$100.00/1h00 - $135.00/1h30 - $175.00/2h

The volcanic stones are used because they retain heat for a very long time. The heat then penetrates the tissues deeper, due to the high basalt concentration.

Cold stones can also be used alternately. This is what we call thermotherapy. This massage can also be mixed with general Swedish massage or therapeutic Swedish massage. We can also combine this technique with the use of semi-precious stones, or with Reiki.

Thaï Hot Stems Massage

$120.00/1h00 - $155.00/1h30 - $195.00/2h

This is a massage technique that has been used since ancient times in Thailand, that is combined with Thai Yoga and Swedish massage. The compresses used in this massage are filled with herbs and essential oils that have many beneficial properties. They are heated by steam throughout the entire massage. The two-hour massage includes a facial treatment

  • check Detoxifies the body
  • check Activates blood circulation
  • check Stretches the muscles
  • check Acts as an anti-inflammatory

Pregnant Women Massage

$85.00/1h - $120.00/1h30

This type of massage considers the contraindications and precautions for pregnant women. It addresses their specific conditions.

  • check Helps pregnant women live their pregnancy better
  • check Generally enables an easier natural childbirth
  • check Allows a faster postpartum recovery

Shiatsu Massage

$85.00/1h - $120.00/1h30

This massage is a combination of pressure on acupuncture points, muscle stretching and general massage therapy. The massage is performed on a mattress. We therefor suggest the customer to wear loose clothing.

Thaï Yoga Massage

$85.00/1h - $120.00/1h30

This massage is great for athletes because it involves many stretching mouvements. That being said, it increases the range of movement. We also work on the energy lines, named sen lines. The massage is performed on a mattress. We therefor suggest the customer to wear loose clothing.

Lymphatic Drainage

$75.00/1h - $105.00/1h30

Gentle Danish massage. This technique aims to detoxify the metabolism in a way that is generally more efficient than the Swedish massage.

  • check Allows you to unwind
  • check Enables lymphatic circulation
  • check Can reduce varicose veins
  • check Good for all skin conditions
  • check Eliminates swelling
  • check Promotes weight loss



A method that consists of transfering energy by laying hands above or on the client.

  • check Feels very energizing after the session
  • check Good for people who are tired or even depressed
  • check Revitalizes and increases the concentration
  • check Reduces stress levels
  • check Balances the body's energy fields and energy wheels, called chakras



Massage of specific regions located on the hands and feet, which are connected to body organs. This treatment is combined with Swedish massage and energy work with semi-precious stones.

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